Integrated Rural Development Project

Adani Utthan

Utthan village an integrated intervention is a comprehensive approach in the
areas of
Strengthening Primary Education, Health with the special focus on Mother and Child, Girl Education, Women Empowerment, Income Generation activities, Agriculture growth, increasing outreach of Government schemes, creating awareness of safe and clean environment in the village.

Adani Foundation has initiated UTTHAN program in Government schools. The program converges the four pillars of education seamlessly: Students, Teachers, Guardians and Infrastructure.

Why Utthan

  • To ensure community participation by motivation, organization, and community empowerment for total development of the rural community based on self reliance
  • To introduce a formal mechanism for participatory decision making and project planning at village level
  • Co-ordination of human resources which is crucial for rural development, other rural, and external resources, through an efficient mechanism of resource allocation
  • To introduce a results based participatory progress review and evaluation mechanism at village level
  • To ensure improvement of living standards of the village communities through development of the physical, economic, social and cultural environment
  • To create total development of the village under a community based, planned development  program

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